Frequently asked questions


Where can I find enrolment and application forms?

You can find the enrolment forms here

How can I contact the school?

If your question is something you can ask your child’s teacher you can contact them directly by email or make an appointment to see them if they have an office hour. If your question is regarding administration the contact details for the school are on this link

Where can I buy a new or second hand uniform for my child?

AMPA run a nearly new uniform market with items that are sold raising money for the school If you wish to purchase a new uniform the official supplier to the school is John Lewis

When are the school holidays and term dates?

You can find the term dates and school holidays on the school website here

Which entrance do I collect my child from after school?

If you are collecting your child from Primaria at 15:25pm and Secondaria 16:25pm this will be from the St Lawrence gate. If they have after school clubs please check with the teacher which entrance they will be taken to, for example if the club finishes at 16:45pm it will be the Portobello entrance.

Where do I enter the school if we are late?

The St Lawrence gate closes at 8:45am, so if you arrive after that you have to use the Portobello entrance and sign in at the reception desk.

What is the procedure for reporting illness?

If students are unwell, parent/carer must inform the school via email (both to the tutors email and to on the day of the absence. The absence will stay unauthorised until the school receive this, and may result in sanction. If a pupil is absent for longer than 5 working days, we will require to provide us with a doctor’s note. When your child returns to school please print and fill in the firm here and hand it into the school.

Can I request leave of absence during term time?

Parents/guardians must ask permission, where the situation is exceptional or urgent, for their child to be absent during term time, and it is at the Head teacher’s discretion to decide whether or not the absence will be authorised. If leave is taken without permission, or no application is made, parents risk being issued with a Penalty Notice or being prosecuted by the Local Authority on their return (Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2004). Normally a student would not be granted more than 10 days of absence in any academic year. Following RBKC regulations, where the child’s attendance is below 95% the school should only authorise term time absences in exceptional circumstances. The form to request leave of absence is here

Where can I find information on relocating to London, such as accomodation?

AMPA does not have the resources to assist in relocation or finding accomodation however there are a wealth of websites that offer apartments and houses to rent locally to the school.

Where is lost property?

Lost property is at reception, you can enquire there and there is also a box of items that have been found while cleaning the school. Your child may have also have hung it up on the various hooks all over the school, worth looking around.


Does the school have a lunch catering service?

The school run a lunch service you can pay for per term, you can find out more here

Can children bring a packed lunch to the canteen?

Children can bring a packed lunch, however there is a surcharge for this service payable to the comedor.

What is the food policy at the school?

The school is a nut free environment and aim to promote healthy eating. Here you can find the food policy

Extra curricular

What after school clubs are on offer at the school?

This is a list of after school clubs on offer at the school


Where can I find information about the school curriculum?

You can find information about the school curriculum here

Where can I find a list of books my children need to purchase?

This is the current list of books your child needs to purchase for 2019-2020